Junyu's Story...

  1971 I was born in Shanghai, China. My mother's side is all in Shanghai, including my five anties, one uncle, and beloved grandpa and grandma. My earliest memory took place there when I was six.
  1978-1984 I studied in Jun Min Primary School in Guangzhou. I like maths. My father bought me an organ and I learned to play many songs.
  1984-1990 I LOVE studing and I was one of the best student at Zhixin Middle School. Because of the excellent art class, I began to enjoy painting. Life was simple and full of joy. Guangzhou is the first place I would like to go if I get a chance.
  1990-1995 I studied Biology in Tsinghua University, Beijing. I played flute in the campus marching band during the first year - my happiest year in Tsinghua. After that, because of my genius classmates and the unchanged goal of going aboard, I was under lots of pressure. Finally, I met Yuhua at the Friday night English corner in the fourth year.
  1995-1997 After I came to the US, I found out that actually I have lots of choices of my life. I got a MS degree in Biochemistry in UCLA. Then I changed from research to engineering by studing digital signal processing in EE, UCLA. Life is not hard. The hard thing is to make a decision and set a goal. I was completely on my own and Yuhua was always by my side.
  1997-now I'm now in a good company and have a nice boss. Life is plain and easy, or lazy. I want to do something more exicting. I hope this is a short rest, not all, of the rest of my journey. At the same time, my son keeps growing...
  future MUST be better!

The test-paper color indicates my mood during the period.

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