This is a year with mixed feelings. Things changed so fast and unexpectedly. For the first time, our little family concerned so much about global events. Some things happen only once in a century and we are lucky (or unlucky) enough to experience them. Here is a list of our family news in this past year:

1. Back from a three-week trip in China, including Zhejiang, Shanghai and Guangzhou. We met family members and many old friends. We began to think about going back and working in China in about 5 years.(picture1, picture2)

2. In Feburary, Junyu changed job from research in St. Jude Medical to software development in Zuma Networks, a startup company making network switch/routers. The commute is longer than before. But she enjoys learning new technoligies in work and has a great time with her friends in Zuma.

3. For the fourth time, Yuhua survived another laid-off in Brience. Now he really becomes one of the "back bone" of the company.

4. Junyu turned 30. (picture)

5. A new car - Lexus RX300. It's beautiful, elegant, smooth, and comfortable. Junyu believes she will never need any car more luxury than this one. But Yuhua still dreams for a BMW 330i. (picture)

6. We registered our first company - RJ eWorks Inc. Yuhua is CEO and CTO, and Junyu is CFO. The company's first income is from a three-months' consulting contract for Libriaria Inc. By running the compay, we begin to build up our knowledge in small bussiness operation. (

7. Junyu's Dad come visit and go back to Guangzhou in July. This is his third visit to the US. He had a great time with us in Seattle, Santa Babara, and Big Bear Lake this time. (picture1, picture2, picture3)

8. David is four years old and he made good friends in school and in the neighborhood. This year, he learned to play two songs on the keyboard, ride scooter, draw meaningful animals and things, many English words and some Chinese charactors, and, hold tears and fight back in school!

9. We have pets! Six beatiful fish: one Pearl Gourami, one Sunset Fire Plarty, one male green Guppy, one femal golden Guppy and two small Feeders. The golden Guppy even had her babies borned in the tank. (Sadly, none of baby guppies survived.) (picture)

10. Yuhua had a long vacation at home during Christmas holiday. He went to Mountain High skiiing almost every other day. Within two weeks, he can ski on the blue lines easily! (picture)


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