*** V A L E N C I A ***

Located jus 35 miles north of Los Angeles downtown, Valencia is one of the best planned and safeest town in the States. With its winding 25-mile paseo trail system that connects the community, open spaces, parks and lake shore, it is an escape from the noisy Los Angeles metropolitan to this natural tranquillity.

street: very quiet street and neighborhood.

open space: Paseo trail winds through wild open spaces.

lake shore: Lake community enjoys the water-front view.

bridge: Similar to the Madison County's bridge, it crosses the streets and connects paseo trails of both side of street.

community: Sculptures scattered among community spaces.

pool: Community pool, just 3 munite walk from home.

port: A light house guards at the corner of Bridgeport lake community.

fountain: David enjoys throwing penny into the fountain in Town Center Mall

Bella Via: Hundreds of artists paint on Town Center Drive during Bella Via. This artist can paint ancient chinese paintings.