Raymond Yuhua Xie

23815 Millford Court Valencia, CA 91354, USA
[mobile: 310.753.4387] [email: yuhua_xie@yahoo.com]

Career Objective

To pursue a senior technical management position to lead and grow a software development and service company. Effectively apply my technical expertise and management skills which I obtained from my five year IT industry experience in the US and my solid education at Tsinghua University and University of California, at Los Angeles

Management Skills

  • Leadership in product strategy and software architecture design
  • Establishment of organization structure and project teams
  • Coordination of activities between engineering department and consulting organization
  • Supervision of multiple client projects: planning and execution
  • Management of project lifecycle: initiative, plan, design, implementation and deployment
  • Mentorship for senior developers, consultants, and managers
  • Technical Skills

    Architecture Enterprise system and web application architecture design.
    Programming Java, J2EE, JSP, XML/XSL, UML, Javascript, C/C++, shell programming.
    Middleware Weblogic, iPlanet, Oracle AppServer, Tomcat.
    Database Oracle, Sybase, DB2, MySQL. Data modeling and performance tuning.
    Dev tools MS Visual Studio, Jbuilder, Rational Rose, ERWin, make, Ant.
    System Unix, Linux, Win NT, Windows 2000, and Mainframe.
    Hobby open source development: Apache, Tomcat, XML/XSL parsers.


    09/1996 University of California,at Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, USA
      Mechanical Engineering and Computer Science
    Master Degree
    07/1994 Institute of Nuclear Energy Technology, Tsinghua University
    Beijing, China
      System engineering and safety
    Master Degree
    07/1992 Tsinghua University
    Beijing, China
      Engineering Physics
    Bachelor's Degree
      Environmental Enginering and Science (dual degree)
    Bachelor's Degree

    Work Experience

    06/2001 - present RJ eWorks Inc. Los Angeles, CA
    President and CTO
      In charge of business development and technology direction of RJ eWorks Inc.

    05/2000 - present Brience Inc. San Francisco, CA
    Solutions Architect (Senior)
  • Contributed in the architecture design and system implementation of Brience Experience Delivery Server.
  • Led multiple client projects for Fortune 500 companies, including AOL, Boeing, Washington Mutual, Wyndham Hotel, Ingram Micro
  • Point person between software product development and professional consulting services. Gathered field feedback and involved in decision making of product strategy and features.
  • Contributed to build professional service team and mentor/train senior developers and managers
  • 07/1999 - 05/2000 Ernst & Young, LLP Los Angeles office
    Senior consultant
  • Architect at Advanced Development Center of Ernst & Young LLP. Design methodologies for web-based application development. Evaluate technology options of B2B implementation for Utility practice line.
  • As a technical lead, I led project teams to complete two successful projects (clients: Cal ISO, Ontario IMO) to enable online trading of surplus electricity between multiple generators and multiple participants, as well as online participant information management.
  • 01/1997 - 07/1999 International Integration Inc. Los Angeles, CA
    Senior developer
  • Worked as lead developer for a 20-million project between 1997 and 1998 (client: Salt River Project). Developed tools for facilitating rapid development: Cobol parser and C code generation, data conversion from EBCDIC to ASCII representation based copylib, etc.
  • Worked as a technical lead between 12/98 07/99 on a web-enabling project (client: Ceridian Tax Services), which provides a web interface to a HP3000 system.
  • 09/1992 - 07/1994 INET, Tsinghua University Beijing
    Graduate Student Researcher

    Developed a system reliability assessment software based on FTA, FEMA, SRA, which is applied to aerospace, missile, and nuclear reactor system analysis.

    Client Projects

    07/2001 - present Voice Stream - a telecomm and carrier services
    Team Leader
      As a solution architect, led the design and implementation of Voice Stream Wireless Portal, including content sourcing, caching, provisioning, personalization, messaging and billing modules.
    Technologies involved

    Brience MPS Server, Inktomi Traffic Server API, Weblogic Application Server, J2EE

    06/2001 - present Libraria Inc. - a Bio-Tech information system company
    architect consultant
      Gave advices on overall system architecture design, coding pattern and principles, and evaluated system performance as well as tuning points.
    Technologies involved

    JSP, J2EE, EJB, JNDI, Weblogic Application Server, Rational Rose (OO design), ER Win (schema design), Oracle 8i.

    01/2001 - 07/2001 Boeing Company
    Team Leader
  • Offline solutions for Boeing field engineers to take their "trouble tickets", and update them on devices offsite and Sync up to BARS / ETS later.
  • Offline browsing of technical information from Boeing TIE site on Palm V and iPaq
  • Three parallel projects: content provision for TIE offline browsing; offline update and synchronization to BARS (Boeing Action Request System); and auto-recording time and tasks on Palm or Win CE device and sync up to ETS (Employee Timetracking System).
  • Led the architecture design of offline solutions and supervised the development processes for all on-going Boeing projects.
  • Technologies involved

    Device applications (for Palm OS, WinCE), Conduit development, Brience Sync Server, Xpointer, XF script, Content provision server.

    01/2001 - 03/2001 Wyndham International - a large hotel chain in USA
    technical leader
      Mobile enabling of WBR and WBE using Brience Framework, to make reservation system available on RIM device. Did integration between Brience 2.0.20 framework with XF engine.
    Technologies involved

    Xpointer, XF script, Content provision server.

    12/2000 - present Washington Mutual - a banking and financial services
    application architect
  • eTeller: mobile enabling of Customer account access through RIM, WAP phones, Palm and WinCE devices using Brience 2.0.20 framework.
  • eSuccess: developed www.wamu.com website integrating backed Credit and Loan Applications.
  • Worked as application architect and supervised the development process.
  • Technologies involved

    XML/XSL, WML, XHTML, JSP parsers, MQ Series, WebLogic, Entrust.

    05/2000 - 11/2000 Ingram Micro - the largest wholesaler of IT equipment
    team leader
  • Worked as a team lead and architect to mobile enable Ingram Micro's online storefronts, and PartnerAmerica site.
  • In charge of project plan, task assigment, progress monitoring.
  • Technologies involved

    XML/XSL, WML, WAP, LDAP, SiteMinder.

    12/1999 - 05/2000 Ontario IMO - Electricity Grid Controller of Ontario, Canada
    team leader
      Led a team of 15 people developing web-based participant lifecycle management for electricity generators, distributors and consumers.
    Technologies involved

    Java Servlet, EJB, JDBC, Oracle Application Server, Oracle 8i.

    07/1999 - 12/1999 Cal ISO - the Controller of electricity grid in California
    co-technical leader
      developed web-based electricity scheduling and trading system. It is an extreme high availability system with loading balance, distributed services, and fail-over mechanism.
    Technologies involved

    Java, EJB, JDBC, NetDynamics/iPlanet, Oracle 8i.

    12/1998 - 07/1999 Ceridian Tax Services - a premier Tax services firm in USA
    lead developer
      Worked on a system integration project, which migrates application on HP3000 to HP9000, and provides a web interface to the new system.
    Technologies involved

    parser and code generation, C, OCI programming, DHTML, Javascript, Java, JDBC, Oracle.

    01/1997 - 12/1998 Salt River Project - the largest utility company in Arizona
    lead developer
  • Worked on a 20-million system re-architecture project.
  • Went through the full lifecycle of re-architecting a mainframe system to a client-server based system on HPUX.
  • Developed various components, including code translation, data conversion, database access library, shell script based job control etc.
  • Technologies involved

    C, language parsers and code generation, DCE, RPC, IPC, VSAM, CICS, JCL, Perl, ksh, Powerbuilder, Sybase, DB2.