Welcome to my Homepage ............. Yuhua Xie

[About me]

I was born and grew up in a remote village in Zhejiang, southeast China. I was educated at Lishui middle school for 6 years, and then Tsinghua University for 7 years where I studied subject of Nuclear engineering and safety, and Environmental science. I came to the United States in 1994, and studied at University of California, at Los Angeles.

Since January 1997, I have been working for IT consulting firms and software companies. I saw and experienced the uproar and high-flying of IT industry, as well as it sharp downturn. It is a great opportunity and experiene to work in the high-tech hub around such a historical time.

I am really fortunate and very grateful that in my life everything goes smoothly along my way.

[Living a decent life]

I married in 1997 with my wife, Junyu Mai, who also studied at Tsinghua University and UCLA. We had a son that same year. We bought our first house in Valencia, a very nice community.

Here are some picitures of my family, house, and the community.

[Working very hard]

By the end of 2001, I have been working in software and IT consulting area for entire 5 years, which I think is effectively equivalent to 10 years of normal-sense working. It is just business as usual to consistently work for long-hour (16 hrs/day) and multi-tasking, which stretch your potential to a great extent. As rewards: I mastered a great deal of knowledge and skill in my area, as well as gained the respect from colleagues and customers.

For my professional information, check out my resume in [english] [chinese]

[Traveling a lot]

Just to get an idea: my office is 400 miles away from my home, so I just take flight to work and stay at hotel all the time. My frequent travel accounts: more than 50 free tickets from airlines, and countless hotel points that could give me months of free vacation stay in Hawaii.

Check out different cities along my Journey, and the Journey continues.......

Drop me a line at yuhua_xie@yahoo.com, may friendship with us !